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DampTronic® sky

The new DampTronic® sky damper is a further milestone in resolving the conflict between driving comfort on the one hand – an aspect of particular interest in the premium segment – and the driving safety and agility of the car on the other hand. In this new generation, two continuously variable valves adjust the damping force in each damper: one valve controls the extension phase – i.e. the force that ensues when the wheel rebounds – and the other the compression phase. Using the data it receives from the acceleration and wheel-path sensors, the control module of the suspension system can individually adapt the damping forces for each wheel within just a few milliseconds to eliminate the effects of rough road-ride conditions that may detract from the driving comfort for the passengers, at the same time controlling the dampers in such a way that the chassis is stabilised to the best possible degree.

Thanks to the use of two adjustable valves, the damper is also able to ensure that the damping force can be adjusted according to the skyhook principle even in the high-frequency spectrum of the wheel vibrations. By independently adjusting the extension and compression forces, the new Bilstein DampTronic® sky damper thus constitutes the high-end system in the semi-active damper segment.

  • Continuously variable damper adjustment
  • Two continuously variable valves
  • Separate settings for the extension and compression phases
  • Comfort-oriented way-valve technology